I understand that a video conference with my veterinarian is fundamentally different from an in person visit with a physical exam. Without a physical exam, my pet’s subtle signs and symptoms may not be detectable, and I release my veterinarian from any liability resulting from these limitations. Additionally, many conditions require diagnostics which cannot be performed remotely (such as bloodwork and radiographs), and I understand that the quality of care my pet receives may be limited as a result.

I understand that for my veterinarian to diagnose disease and prescribe treatment, there must first exist a valid Veterinary-client-patient relationship, which means that my pet must have been seen at the practice within the past year. Outside of this relationship, veterinarians are legally forbidden from diagnosing illness or prescribing treatment and may only give general advice. In addition, after our consultation, my veterinarian reserves the right to recommend an in-person exam in order to properly diagnose and treat my pet. If this happens, you will not be charged a second consultation fee for that exam.