Charley’s in Remission!
We just celebrated Charley’s LAST chemo treatment!! It’s been six months since Charley was diagnosed with lymphoma and began chemotherapy. The road was long but Charley is in remission and we, along with his mommy, couldn’t be happier! Go Charley! You are such a strong, sweet boy.

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Saved by Spaying


Sasha is a 5 year old staffordshire terrior who came to see Dr. Albrecht in early March for refusing to eat, lethargy, and bloated stomach. Upon x-ray, Dr. Albrecht could see that Sasha’s uterus was filled with fluid, and she diagnosed her with Pyometra. Pyometra is an infected uterus that fills with pus and is fatal if the uterus isn’t removed. This condition is common in older females because the risk of infection increases with the more heat cycles the dog experiences. Sasha was immediately spayed and hospitalized overnight. Yesterday she came back for her suture removal and looked great! Sasha is such a tough girl, and it was great to see her feeling well again!




Ernie- small but mighty! We can’t begin to tell you how worried we were for Ernie last week. He was hospitalized for parvovirus as a 9-week-old puppy. Ernie was very lethargic, not eating, vomiting, and had bloody diarrhea. All three of our doctors were involved in treating him at some point, and Ernie’s devoted mom came in just to hold him while he rested. Between his treatment, snuggles from mom, and Ernie’s determination, after 5 days in the hospital he went home a healthy puppy! We saw Ernie yesterday for a recheck, and he looks great. Here’s to a long, happy life for this little guy!


Sammy saves the day!
Our very own clinic cat, Sammy was a hero last week when he donated blood to a patient who needed an emergency transfusion. The patient was a kitty named Sky, who has been living with the disease feline leukemia for several years. But last week Sky went into an anemic crisis and would not have made it through without a blood transfusion. With the help of Sammy’s donation, Sky survived and is feeling much better this week! We are so happy for Sky, and are proud to call Sammy a very helpful member of our team.

Tess teeth 1Tess SearsTess teeth 2

What a dramatic difference!
We all know the signs: Smelly breath, yellow teeth… Tess came to see Dr. Albrecht today to get her teeth cleaned, and what a big change!The tartar is all gone and the teeth are restored to good condition to help prevent dental disease. The photos speak for themselves!Hello good breath and white teeth!


Buddy has been cancer free for over two years!
Buddy was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor in November, 2011, at the age of 6. Dr. Chase promptly did surgery and removed the tumor. During the course of the next 4 months, Buddy underwent several chemo treatments in an attempt to be rid of the cancer completely.

By April 2012, he was done with chemo and Dr. Chase confirmed he was cancer free! Buddy has been living a healthy life since then, with no sign of the disease coming back. We could not be happier for this sweet boy!


Pinky’s incredible transformation
Pinky was found as a stray and when he first came to see Dr. Jaax, Pinky was so uncomfortable he just wanted to hunch over. He had fleas and severe dermatitis over most of his body with clay litter stuck to a large amount of the skin.

Dermatitis is a bacterial skin infection that causes itching, burning, hair loss, and swelling.

Dr. Jaax initiated a regiment that required Pinky to come in several times during the course of a month for treatments.

Last Wednesday, Pinky came in for recheck as a new cat! His skin looks great, and he is happy and comfortable!



Shae’s life-saving surgery
Shae came to Dr. Albrecht as a very sick dog. She was bleeding clots from her vulva and had quit eating. Shae is 8 years old and had never been spayed. Dr. Albrecht suspected pyometra- an infection of the uterus. Pyometra causes bacteria from the infected uterus to leak into the bloodstream, causing life-threatening toxic effects.

Prevention of this disease is one of the main reasons for routinely spaying female dogs. Shae was immediately hospitalized and scheduled for surgery to be spayed. Dr. Chase successfully performed the operation, and after one more night in the hospital, Shae was ready to go back home.

We are happy to report that she is feeling much better and we expect a full recovery!


Tux’s Fight for Life
Tux was in bad shape when he was brought in by a rescue last month. As an 8 week old kitten who’s supposed to be spunky and playful, Tux was lethargic, dehydrated, and had been frequently vomiting. Dr. Chase determined that Tux had panleukopenia: a viral disease in cats that causes diarrhea, vomiting, and often leads to death.

Although his prognosis was grave, Tux was hospitalized. After 5 days on supportive care, Tux looked bright, healthy and was cleared to go home! He’s so happy to be in his new home, and he LOVES bothering his new older brothers 🙂

One of them has taken to Tux so much that he cleans him and they cuddle often. We think he’s one lucky kitty!


Brock’s unexpected issue:
Brock’s owner brought him to see Dr. Chase because he’d been panting frequently and seemed a little lethargic.

It didn’t seem like an emergency, but his owner just wanted to make sure Brock was OK. Turns out, Dr. Chase heard a heart murmur and suspected endocarditis.

Endocarditis is a bacterial infection of the heart valve which can lead to heart failure. After finishing a week’s worth of antibiotics, Dr. Chase listened again and the heart murmur was gone!

Brock is back to his normal self, and is happy his mom took him to Dr.

Chase before his illness got too severe. Afterwards, Brock went to the groomer and is showing off his new mohawk in this picture!


Grayson, a then 7-week-old kitten, was spotted hanging by his leg in a honeysuckle tree!

He was promptly brought to Dr. Jaax who deemed that Grayson must have been hanging for at least 24 hours. His foot was swollen to double its normal size, and was infested with maggots.

Dr. Jaax was concerned that Grayson’s foot would need amputation because it had lost circulation for so long.

Luckily, over the course of 5 weeks in treatment, his foot regained circulation and returned to its normal size!

Grayson is now one happy kitty and has sworn off climbing any more honeysuckle trees 😉


Dessi was brought to Dr. Jaax on June 24th as a stray kitten who was suspected to have been attacked.

She had multiple large open wounds that had abscessed, and a ruptured eye.

The largest wounds were on her face and hind leg, so deep that her bone was slightly exposed on her leg.

Despite her poor and painful condition, Dessi gobbled up a 1/2 can of wet food during her appointment!

Dessi’s wounds were treated and she underwent surgery to remove her ruptured eye. She came to see Dr. Jaax again yesterday with good news- she is healed and feeling great!

Mark before

Dr. Chase began fostering 2 year old Mack in February when she volunteered to help a Doberman rescue.

Mack had been severely neglected. His list of problems included:

He was emaciated at only 50 pounds, had scars and scabs all over his body, not neutered, had 2 types of intestinal parasites, and to top it off Mack was heartworm positive.

Dr. Chase nursed Mack back to health over the last 3 months, and he now looks and feels fantastic! Mack is 67 pounds with a gorgeous coat and is heartworm negative.


Roxie’s new wheels
There’s no stopping her now! As soon Roxie got in her new dog cart, she rolled all over our clinic- literally!

Roxie recently came to Dr. Chase as a new patient.

She is a 12 year old pug who for the last 5 years has been struggling with her hind legs after a back injury.

Her owner reported that for the last year, Roxie has been down completely; only using her front legs to scoot around the house.

When they brought her to us, Dr. Chase gave Roxie a dog cart that had been donated by one of our other clients, and it fit Roxie perfectly!

It took Roxie no time to realize she could move in it and she took off! So happy to easily move again, we watched as she went on a self-guided tour all over the hospital.

Roxie is now one mobile pug!